Creekside Bridges the Generation Gap with Portland Elementary

Every year, Creekside has at least one event with our Partner In Education school, Portland Elementary. This spring, Portland’s Student Council came over and shared pictures and items from their life. Our community members brought in items from their past as well–explaining to the students what they were.The tables were full of objects from the past […]

Creekside Gets Into The Groove With A 70s Day

Life is never boring at Creekside. Recently, in an effort to spice things up, we hosted a 1970’s Day. The team wore clothes from the ’70s, and hosted a ’70s themed party. The food was fried, and an array of jello-salads. We had a groovy playlist and professional dancers leading us in some smooth moves […]

Spiritual Journey Through the Queen City

World Class service comes in various actions, but for our Community Members and furthering their Spiritual Journey, it’s by visiting area churches. This supports our Vision of Quality Life: radiates love of others, brings peace and spiritual contentment, encourages personal independence by sharing the experience and learning about the community history and faith. As the […]

Creekside Hosts Annual Jazz Night

Every year in March, Creekside hosts “Jazz Night.” It is an evening with a four-course meal, a live jazz band, and dancing. This year, we had over ninety community members in attendance. The menu included lobster tail, steak, mushroom soup, salad, and mousse for dessert. The band played songs from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. […]

Ozarks Live Host Joy Robertson Speaks at Creekside

Creekside values the relationships made with families of Community Members. This week, Joy Robertson, the daughter of a former beloved Community Member, Whitey Robertson, came and presented to our community. Joy has been on Springfield televisions since 1997, anchoring the nightly news for 15 years, then with the Food Channel and the popular tv show […]

Creekside Donates Trees to Marshfield Senior Center

The “seeds in our minds” were planted last April, however the trees were planted this winter. Actually, two trees were planted at the new Senior Center in Marshfield, which were donated by Community Members from Creekside. Why would Creekside donate trees to Marshfield? The answer has to do with the seed “planted in the minds” […]

“I like the Ozarks. I’m the Greek Hillbilly Now.”

Manoli Savennas visited Creekside and shared his story of how he went from growing up on the small island of Rhodes, Greece yet ended up calling Springfield, Missouri home. Manoli was the son of a farmer and one of seven children who grew up in one-room house with no electricity or running water. His mother […]

1992 Bronze Medalist Visits Creekside

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing and the Community Members are enjoying watching all the events, with skating being their favorite. Creekside decided to kick off the games with an Olympic themed party in the dining room at the Lodge. The guest of honor was a former Bronze Medalist in Volleyball who happens […]

Elvis Was In The Building

Ringing in the New Year is a huge event for some people and not a big deal for others. This year at Creekside the New Year‘s Eve Event was a HUGE success to everyone! The reason for the overwhelming success was not champagne, noise makers, or the stroke of midnight. The pinnacle of the party […]

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