Have always been given the opportunity to give my opinion about work-related matters.

I think Creekside just really cares a lot about each person that lives and works there. Everyone is so kind and encouraging.

They truly celebrate everyone! They recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and an employee of the month.

We get little prizes every month and celebrate the little days and have fun events that everyone gets to go to.

The most positive atmosphere that I have ever worked in!

Great Benefits, A very welcoming staff.

Everyone is so nice and willing to help you achieve our goals and they make you fill like family.

Creekside utilizes every opportunity to celebrate our team members.

Creekside is probably the first job that I’ve actually love. They’re just great and they answer questions when I ask. They’re just amazing people!

The fact that people can come together for a common goal to make Creekside a great environment to live and work.

Everyone is so nice. From the office people to. Everyone that works on the floor.

From day one, during training, it is a fun environment and workplace. Best training ever that I have had. The staff truly cares for you as an employee.

People are very caring and kind. Very respectful of others.

I’ve never been treated so well by an employer. To me is very unique and foreign.

Management is willing to work with employees rather than reprimand.

It is exceptionally easy to approach leadership and get their buy in on new ideas. The Education Loan reimbursement is great and my 401k matching plan has me on track to have a nice nest egg when I retire.

I believe we have a special culture that truly does serve the community wholeheartedly.

What makes this a great place to work is: -Since the day I stepped foot in the front lobby, they did not look at me strangely, they treated me like family with a welcoming persona -There is not a day I arrive at work that someone on the premises is asking me how my day is going or if I had a good weekend -From the hiring process my first thought was “these smiles are just for show” but they really are happy to work here, I have personally asked dozens of workers and every response revolves around “this is the best job I’ve ever had” -it is not frowned upon to sit and talk with the tenants like most places, it is encouraged! They want you to get to know the tenants just as much as the tenants want to know you -everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. This job doesn’t frown on the weakness that you have, they find a way around that with duties that shine on your strength -I have a lot more reasons why this company and property is the best place to work but I do not know what the typing limit is here, take my words to heart and see for yourself!

Very family like company everyone knows and cares for each other.

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