Spiritual Journey Through the Queen City

World Class service comes in various actions, but for our Community Members and furthering their Spiritual Journey, it’s by visiting area churches. This supports our Vision of Quality Life: radiates love of others, brings peace and spiritual contentment, encourages personal independence by sharing the experience and learning about the community history and faith. As the director, I happily schedule the tour and drive the bus to participate in the Spiritual Journey. The date is set often, calendar shows the event, put out the sign up sheet, start the bus, pick up the listed attenders and off our comfortable Creekside at Elfindale bus goes to the next beautiful church to tour.

The current pictured church was Trinity Lutheran and guided by the kind and informative Associate Pastor, Nick Hagerman, he shared about the tile mosaic made by Vacation Bible School attenders in years past. Our Community Members were astounded by the work done in this art piece – “simply beautiful”, stated one. Other picture shows the pastor explaining the stained glass window made in Europe especially for the church. Each church tour can last up to an hour, plenty of walking, many questions about their faith and how they engage with the community.

If you’re ever in the area or have a church to suggest we tour, we’d love to have you be a part. To share a quote that seems appropriate and so noticeably with the many churches we have toured and yet to tour, “We all know that a church is not a building”, Robert H. Schuller.



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