1992 Bronze Medalist Visits Creekside

The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing and the Community Members are enjoying watching all the events, with skating being their favorite. Creekside decided to kick off the games with an Olympic themed party in the dining room at the Lodge. The guest of honor was a former Bronze Medalist in Volleyball who happens to live in Springfield, Lori Endicott. Even though Volleyball is a summer event at the Olympics, it made no difference in the size of the crowd or the anticipation of the Community Members.
Lori thrilled the crowd dressed in an official Olympic jacket, and wearing her Bronze Medal. The Medal from the 1992 Barcelona Games was passed around the room. Everyone had a chance to hold it and hear the story her Barcelona experience. Lori graciously spoke to the crowd enlightening them with behind the scenes trivia that only she would know. The most interesting story was about a problem with air-flow in the arena when they were playing Olympic matches. The airflow would affect the flight of the volleyball as it was hit to the opposite team. This greatly impacted the USA’s match against Cuba. Russia was scheduled for the next match and “refused” to play until the ventilation system was turned off so that they would not have to fight the draft. The Olympic officials complied. Lori said, “If only that had occurred before we played!”
Little did Lori know that there was a special person hidden in the crowd that shared some very precious memories with her. Her kindergarten teacher, Rosalee Roy, who lives here at Creekside and was anxiously waiting for her to arrive. The reunion was a precious moment for the two of them as well as Rosalees’ friends who were in on the secret. You never know how special a moment is until it becomes a memory!

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