Elvis Was In The Building

Ringing in the New Year is a huge event for some people and not a big deal for others. This year at Creekside the New Year‘s Eve Event was a HUGE success to everyone! The reason for the overwhelming success was not champagne, noise makers, or the stroke of midnight. The pinnacle of the party […]

The “Date” Lady

This was an event that needing advertising prior to the day of the event! It was important to let everyone know that our guest speaker was not from a “dating” service for seniors! It was actually all about “dates” the fruit. Once that was clarified, and the word “samples” was mentioned, there was a full […]

Road Trip with a Raindrop: 90 Days along the Mississippi River

A raindrop that falls into the headwaters of the Mississippi River in Minnesota will reach the Gulf of Mexico 90 days later. When award winning National Geographic photographer, Gayle Harper, read this small snippet of trivia about the Mississippi River, it completely changed her life. That little known fact sent her world spinning in a […]

Fear and Fascination

The month of October can conjure up fears of ghosts and goblins and creepy critters. On October 1st, a group of Creekside Community Members faced a fear that happens no matter what month of the year it is. They came to a presentation with live snakes in the Club House! Mike Crocker, director of the […]

“Bee” Philanthropic

The Clubhouse was buzzing with Community Members when local honey bee expert, Bruce Snavely, arrived to give his presentation. He is a member of the Beekeepers Association of the Ozarks, a non-profit organization founded in 1974. Bee keeping is more than just a hobby to Bruce. He works with Missouri State and teaches groups of […]

Dogwood Canyon: An Adventure to Remember

The beauty of the Ozarks in which Creekside at Elfindale is located can sometimes leave you lost for words to describe it. Fifty of our Community members experienced the wonders of Dogwood Canyon this month. There are hundreds of acres that have been developed into an area at Dogwood Canyon where people can experience nature […]

An “Olympic” Moment

The 2016 Summer Olympics ended on a Sunday night and all the Community Members at Creekside thought their Olympic experience had ended. They were wrong. The very next morning an Olympic Medalist walked into the Clubhouse to spend some time with them! Lori played for the USA National Team for eight years and competed in […]

Day of Celebration

Creekside had a day of celebration on July 20th.  After weeks of remodeling the lobby with its fireplace, concierge desk, three new offices, the library and the new conference room, we were happy to host an Open House.  We shared this day with Creekside community members, team members, business partners, family, friends, Jack Vetter and […]

The Good Morning with DJ Show

The average retired American wakes up early in the morning to start their day with either the Good Morning America Show or the Today Show. Once a month, Creekside Community Members can now come and see the “Good Morning DJ Show” at the Clubhouse. The first show in the series premiered on Monday, July 18th […]

All Aboard to CHICAGO

  How do you go to Kansas and Chicago all in one day? Creekside community members accomplished this feat by taking a chartered bus to Kansas to see the musical, CHICAGO. Over twenty family members and new friends joined us on this trip. The New Dinner Theater in Overland Park, Kansas, was recently remodeled, giving […]

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