The “Date” Lady

This was an event that needing advertising prior to the day of the event! It was important to let everyone know that our guest speaker was not from a “dating” service for seniors! It was actually all about “dates” the fruit. Once that was clarified, and the word “samples” was mentioned, there was a full house when the “Date” Lady arrived at Creekside. Colleen Sundlie, is the owner of the date company that has grown rapidly since it opened its doors back in 2012. Her husband was offered a job teaching at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, UAE. Once they were settled in there, they began forming friendships with the local people. Hospitality from locals always included dates and a large selection of related items such as sparkling date drinks, and dates stuffed with exotic fruits and nuts. At one local home she was offered a date product that would someday change her and her husband’s life significantly. It was pure date syrup, luxurious honey-like nectar derived from the fruit of the date palm. It soon became a staple in Colleen’s home. Once they left the UAE she knew she could not live without date syrup in their lives, they were hooked. She became the “Date Lady” and started the business here in Springfield.
Colleen’s and her husband’s company delights in offering people everywhere luxurious date products like they’ve never tasted before. In addition to a rare organic date variety and pure date syrup, Date Lady also offers a caramel sauce, chocolate spread and date balsamic, all sweetened naturally and exclusively with dates. These products are offered in over 700 specialty stores in the U.S. as well as Canada, Chili, Ireland, Taiwan and New Zealand.
The Community Members at Creekside were able to sample all her products along with raw dates and special date bread that was offered for the first time this past Christmas. The “sample table” was a very busy spot in the Clubhouse and the reviews of her date products were wonderful! They decided dates are now something to look forward to, and include in their diets along with date syrup which is a healthy alternative to sugar.

Date Lady


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