The Good Morning with DJ Show

The average retired American wakes up early in the morning to start their day with either the Good Morning America Show or the Today Show. Once a month, Creekside Community Members can now come and see the “Good Morning DJ Show” at the Clubhouse. The first show in the series premiered on Monday, July 18th to a full audience with DJ as the host.

The format of the show has permanent categories that are covered in each show.  The Show is designed to be upbeat and light-hearted. Some of the categories are human interest, feel-good moments, vintage remember when, salute to those who serve, animal stories and the most important spot in each show will be a celebrity guest.

The first Celebrity guest to appear on the show was Joan Rivers. I know you’re asking yourself how could that be, she is no longer with us. But she told a comical tale of how she is still here. The conclusion to her story was that when she got to the Gates of Heaven, Saint Peter did not recognize her because of all her plastic surgery….. so he sent her back! Joan was lots of fun to have on the show and she participated at different moments and added her sense of humor.

During the “vintage remember when” segment Carol Burnett was the star!  DJ showed the famous “Gone with the Wind” sketch.  The dress that was made with the curtain rod brought laughter and memories to all. There was also a clip played of the hilarious Tim Conway.

There were many other parts to the show that everyone enjoyed.  At the end Joan came back to the stage and told us a very moving story. You see, Joan Rivers is actually Terry Sanders, who does wonderful impressions of celebrities in Branson. He told us that he had known Joan Rivers personally for many, many years. Joan was very close to all of Terry’s family especially his mother. She helped support the family during his mother’s illness and they were truly lifelong friends. Terry actually performed on several occasions with Joan. It is no wonder that he is an expert at impersonating her.  His description of Joan was warm and wonderful and he told us about a side of Joan that most people never knew.

The final moments ended with a clip of the “ending broadcast signal” that used to say goodnight to everyone as television stations went off the air each night at midnight!

Please come to the next Good Morning Show with DJ because it’s full of fun and laughter which is a great way to start your Monday morning!


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