Dogwood Canyon: An Adventure to Remember

The beauty of the Ozarks in which Creekside at Elfindale is located can sometimes leave you lost for words to describe it. Fifty of our Community members experienced the wonders of Dogwood Canyon this month. There are hundreds of acres that have been developed into an area at Dogwood Canyon where people can experience nature in many different forms. They have hiking and biking trails, horseback riding, trout fishing, as well a restaurant and rustic church where over 50 weddings occur each year.
Our group of Community Members experienced the Canyon in specially designed open-air trams that took us 6 miles round trip into the corner of Arkansas. As they cruised along the canyon floor they were amazed at the beauty of the waterfalls, streams full of rainbow trout, and wild flowers. The guide introduced them to the Indian Burial Cave and the Great Spirit Rock Shelter where archaeologists have made fascinating discoveries including the remains of a 6000 year old man.
When they crossed the border into Arkansas the tram ascended 300 feet to the top of the Canyon where the majestic creatures roamed. In three separate areas herds of bison, elk, and longhorn steer were grazing as the tram drove among them. The guide shared facts about their heritage, health, and habitat. These animals are accustomed to the trams coming into the pastures and freely approached the tram. The guide poured food out for them around the tram and the animals were so close that you could touch them. There were baby elk and young bison in the herds. It was interesting to see how different they look before they become adults. Everyone remarked at how it was a “once in a life time opportunity” to be “eye to eye” with such amazing creatures of the wild.
As Members of Creekside they have opportunities to see wild turkey, deer and geese on a regular basis because we share our Campus with them. The journey to Dogwood Canyon however, was truly an adventure to remember.





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