Springfield Symphony Conductor Kyle Picket has Lunch at Creekside

On March 24, 2016, Kyle Wiley Pickett, Music Director and Conductor of the Springfield Symphony, joined Creekside community members for lunch. Kyle spoke on the life of a Symphony conductor. He gave insight on the unique duties and inter-working’s of conducting, managing the expectations of an orchestra and audience, score study, and how to recreate the vision of composers from every era to maximize the symphonic experience in today‚Äôs age. He also spoke on how he became a Symphony Conductor. Kyle spoke of poplar works including Beethoven and others, and where his favorites fit in. He told, how the conductor chooses what is played and how the audience and the musician preferences pay into the programming. He talked about the Symphonic audience of today and that of the classical era. It was enjoyed by all who attended.


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