Creekside Family Eats with Greek Family

What do Ladies’ Lunch Club and the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding have in common? The answer is; lunch at a restaurant owned and operated by a huge Greek family. The ladies had just finished a trip see the sequel to the original movie, when Creekside’s Life Enrichment Coordinator read about Dimitri’s Greek Gyros restaurant in Branson. Walking into the restaurant they were greeted by the owner, Mr. Demitri and his daughter. The restaurant is run by a large group of family members and all the cooking is done by Mr. Demitri himself.
Growing up in Greece one of eight children, Dimitri learned to cook from his mother and he’s been in the restaurant business since moving to the United States as a teenager. He cooks everything from scratch with old family recipes. For many years he owned a very popular fine dining restaurant in which his family members also worked. It was closed down when Branson sold the property it was on for the Convention Center.
The minute the Community Members walked in the door they heard Greek music in the background and very strong Greek accents when the employees spoke welcomed them. The menu was explained to the ladies since some of the items on the menu were unique to Greek culture. Everyone was adventurous and tried new dishes. The favorite choices were gyros, stuffed grape leaves, baklava and cannoli.


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