Aye-Yi-Yi It Was Fun!

When there is an event at the Clubhouse with NO description, then Community Members can’t wait to show up for the surprise! That is what happened the day before Cinco de Mayo at Creekside! It turned out to be a fun pre-Mexican Fiesta!! At the Members walked through the door they were asked to pick a bag of Fritos or Doritos from a huge container, find a seat and wait for further instructions. When everyone had arrived they were told to crush their bag of chips, open the bag, and get in line! That’s when it was obvious what was going on. The line formed at the end of a table full of taco “fixings” but there were no tortillas, shells, or PLATES…..it was tacos in a bag! That’s correct; you fill the bag with tacos and eat it out of the chip bag with a fork. Aye-Yi-Yi!
The tacos in a bag were not the only surprise at the party. Next, they played a game where a story was read about making tamales and each time you heard the word, right or left, you had to pass an object to the right or left. Everyone made a huge circle in the room and six (random) community members were given Mexican objects to pass during the game. They were told that the six people who ended up with the objects when the story was finished would have to follow the leader and perform a Mexican Hat Dance for the crowd! Aye-Yi-Yi! When the game ended, they were relieved to find out that they did not have to dance. The six people were all rewarded with gift certificates to a local Mexican restaurant! Phew!


Cinco 3

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