Jazz Night and Fine Dining

It felt like you were walking onto a set of a Hollywood movie set back in the 1940.  The lights were down low with candles burning on round tables with black linens, red napkins and long stem roses.  The diners were eloquently dressed up enjoying a glass of wine while listening to a live band playing vintage jazz music. Then the waiters arrived with the first course of butter lettuce salad with a lovely Greek vinaigrette dressing.  Those plates were later whisked away only to be replaced by a plate of decadent delights. The wonderful aroma coming from the plate was from the filet of beef, crab and shrimp topped salmon that was complimented with potatoes Anna and colorful julienned vegetables.  But wait, there was more to come as the music played on and everyone enjoyed the company of their neighbors and friends. Wine glasses continued to be filled and the dinner plates were replaced with a sinfully delicious chocolate cream puff filled with strawberries and Bailey’s Irish Cream filling.  What movie was it that was being filmed in the amazing atmosphere?  Well, it was not a movie set at all, it was in the beautiful dining room at the Lodge.  It was an eloquent evening of fine dining for the wonderful Community Members at Creekside!!  It was a night for them to talk about and to remember…….until next time!


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