Goats, Cheese and Relaxation

No one expected that a day trip to Terrell Creek Goat Farm and Dairy would be so wonderful.  The fourteen community members that went were so glad they didn’t miss it!  Nestled in the back country of the Ozarks is a goat farm that produces amazing goat cheese.  They sell their cheese at local farmer’s markets and health food stores.  Their cheese is organic and the cholesterol in goat cheese is much healthier than that made from cow’s milk.

On the trip the community members viewed the milking stations, cheese making room and the area where the goats gather to eat.  The goats on their farm are Nubian dairy goats.  The breed was developed in Great Britain of native milking stock and goats from the Middle East and North Africa. The farm had a herd of 40 and each one has their own name and personality.  It was fun to find out that two of our group shared the same names, Aggie and DJ, as two of their goats.  Aggie was able to have her picture taken with her namesake!

After the tour of the facility, the owners took us to a beautiful shaded area by their small lake to sample their cheese.  Sitting in the lawn chairs and feasting on cheese, crackers and iced tea really hit the spot on that warm afternoon.  Many packages of their cheeses were purchased to take home and enjoy later. As we boarded the bus one of the ladies on the trip said, “Who would have thought it would take me 86 years to get around to trying goat cheese?  But, I am so glad I did!”


Goat 1

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