White Squirrel Hunting

A group of Community Members from Creekside went white squirrel hunting! They didn’t need to wear camouflage or bring a weapon. All they needed to find the white squirrels was keen eyesight and a tour guide named DJ. Hunting for squirrels has become an annual event that is met with excitement by new participants each year. We are fortunate that there is a small community named Marionville just a short drive from Springfield where a very rare group of these squirrels have thrived for years. The squirrels are actually albino squirrels and there have been hundreds of them around since the 1860’s when settlers to this area first arrived. Biologists and zoologist have conducted numerous studies over the years and have yet to solve the mystery of the origin of this rare beautiful strain of squirrels much less why they do not spread outside of the 3 to 4 mile area.
This year we went in the middle of winter and were still able to locate an area where they were actively playing and sharing birdfeed with a large group of starlings. The two groups of animals were sharing well together as they wiped the bird seed clean!
The second part of our adventure to Marionville always involves a stop for lunch at a small diner named Alice Irenes. It is owned and operated by a local family. They serve up lots of old fashioned comfort food, huge homemade yeast rolls, and freshly baked mile high pies!
White Squirrel hunting is enjoyable, non-violent, thrilling and of course satisfies your tummy all in one trip!



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