Arctic Reindeer Adventure

Eunice Williams, an avid outdoor adventurer came to Creekside to share her most “unique” travel adventure of her life with us.  She and her husband went to the Arctic Circle for two years and worked with wild reindeer.  They took their highly trained “herding dog” named Dolly and helped train the wild reindeer so that they could be tamed to the point of being herded, banned, and studied.  They lived in a tent or portable building and followed the herds as they migrated with the seasons and in search of food just as the Native Americans once did with the buffalo herds.  Eunice’s story and photographs from this incredible adventure kept the audience spellbound.  She ended her presentation with the overall impression she had about reindeer; that they were very intelligent and gentle creatures who loved attention from humans.  Eunice said, “It is no wonder that Santa chose them to be the animals to guide his sleigh!”


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